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Construction Inspections

July 23, 2022

As the construction of your project progresses, the City or County that issued the building permit will require that the installed work be inspected for conformance with the approved plans and relevant building codes. The purpose of these periodic inspections is to affirm that the construction is correct before that work is concealed. Approved construction inspections are kept on file as part of the project record and are required before the Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.

While the City or County has the authority to determine when inspections will be required, most jurisdictions including the City of Charlottesville follow the (7) inspections required by the Virginia statewide construction code. The inspections occur when:

  1. Footing rebar is placed, before concrete is poured
  2. Concrete walls and floors rebar is placed, before concrete is poured
  3. Foundation waterproofing and drainage piping is installed, before backfill
  4. Structure, framing, and fastening is complete
  5. Electrical mechanical and plumbing systems are installed
  6. Insulation is installed
  7. Construction is complete, this is the ‘Final Inspection’