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Modern ranch in Belmont: Part 2

May 24, 2022
Open Living room

Start of construction

We are under construction in Belmont! It’s the next leg of our journey from idea to home. After posting the building permit and staking out the footprint of the house it was time to get digging. First, in the street, to locate underground water and sewer lines and extend those onto the property. Second, to dig out the basement and haul off the excess spoils (aka ‘dirt’).

What's next?

Time to start filling the hole with concrete foundations, basement walls and floor slabs. Before the floor slabs are poured the plumber will run drain piping for the basement bathroom and kitchenette. Once the concrete is set, we will then move to framing. We are in the process of finalizing structural details on the tall side of the house. The walls with all the large glass take special consideration. Once that is done we will select a winning lumber bid, purchase our materials, and schedule delivery.

Side View

But I hate dirt, and splinters…

Although there are many decisions made during the initial design and drawing process that establish the framework of the project, it’s during construction that we get the opportunity to shop and select the final materials, finishes, and fixtures.

We have started making decisions for both the inside and the exterior.

On the outside we decided to go with two colors of brick. One dark wrapping the base and chimney and one light wrapping the upper part of the house. We liked the way the dark brick grounded the project and the light contrasted with our dark windows and building wrap. The standing seam metal roof will be installed by Apex Roofing and ABC building supply is supplying the 26 gauge metal roof.

Moving to the inside we decided to go with exposed glulam beams that will be stained a light natural wood color. The windows are black on the inside as well with drywall returns, which looks good with the style of the house - modern or a soft modern. We decided to go with Mod Cabinetry, an online cabinet store specializing in clean european frameless cabinetry, which we thought fit the style of the house and the owners loved the process and product from Mod.

Check out these shots and the movie above that we prepared to help visualize the final home and select colors and details. If our client was The Sims, we’d be done.

Main Bedroom