The Garden House: An Outdoor Living Room

A short walk from the main home along a wooden boardwalk through planting beds filled with lush greenery and seasonal color. The Garden House is located at the transition between these purposeful plantings and the messy vitality of the natural forested portion of the property. Sculptured roof timbers extend over the decking providing protection from rain and shade from sun for the final steps to the sliding glass entry doors. Passing through the doors, the view across the space expands in all directions. The forest, the creek, the walking trail below, all winding around a favorite rock outcropping. An open-air side deck provides additional vantage points and an elevated treehouse experience as the ground below falls away down the hill. Reach over the perimeter rail to put a hand on the bark of the trees that share this space. The garden house creates a place for both personal respite and for spending time together with friends and family in a unique and memorable setting that enjoys the comforts and convenience of being steps from the family's house.




Square Feet



House Highlights

  • Cable Rail.

House Highlights

  • Exposed Wood Structure and Details.

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof.

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